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2024 prices from a 'Trade Price List' information is provided for your guidance but is subject to change and not guaranteed. Additional features/materials may increase costs.

Simple Blind Pricing Process:

  1. Choose Your Blinds Type: Begin by selecting the type of blinds you’re interested in, whether it’s Venetian blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, or any other style.
  2. Get An Instant Estimate: With just a few clicks, our calculator provides you with an instant estimate of the cost of your blinds. No more guesswork or surprises.
  3. Choose How To Buy Your Blinds: Now you know the price of your blinds you can choose if you would like to save money and buy them online or opt for a full fitted blinds service.

Why Use Our Calculator?

  • Accuracy: Our calculator uses industry-standard pricing data to ensure that the estimate you receive is accurate and reliable.
  • Save Time: Dont waste time sitting through in-home appointments, when all you want to know is how much your blinds are going to cost.
  • Budget-Friendly: Find blinds that fit your budget by adjusting various options until you get the perfect balance between cost and features.
  • Make An Informed Decision: Knowing the cost your window treatment project upfront will help you make an informed choice.

Expert Advice

If you have any questions or need further assistance with your blinds selection, our team of experts is here to help. We can provide additional guidance on material choices, measurements, and customization options to ensure you get the blinds that suit your style and needs.

Don’t let blinds pricing be a mystery. Try our Blinds Price Calculator today and embark on your journey to beautifully dressed windows.

Experience the convenience of estimating blinds costs without the hassle.

‌ Our aim is to give people looking for fitted blinds in the locality the best possible service and after sales care together with an exceptional quality product at the absolute best prices available. Custom Fit Blinds are an independent blinds company, we source our products from some of the UK’s best and biggest national companies to make sure our customers get the best window treatments on the market. If you’re looking for fitted blinds, please try our price estimator to give you a pre-appointment, ‘supplied and fitted’ quotation.‌

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